If you work or relax in your garden, or in nature, you have imagined that this is the place where you want to stay, you may need a GARDEN / GLAMPING HOUSE.

We work in close cooperation with our clients, consulting, recommending and, if necessary, also developing the project and plan of the dreamed GARDEN / GLAMPING HOUSE.

Our optimal offer - 24 sq.m GARDEN / GLAMPING HOUSE, with wooden windows, insulated exterior walls and 18 sqm outdoor terrace. Equipped with electric fireplace and heater with remote control. For the customer's convenience, the inner area of this GARDEN / GLAMPING HOUSE with a partition is divided into two parts, creating a bedroom and hallway, or a storage room and recreation area.

Lovers of a slightly unusual style will definitely appreciate the wooden construction of the A- type summer GARDEN / GLAMPING HOUSE with waterproof tent material roof and walls.